CNN host Don Lemon demands universal mask mandate


CNN host Don Lemon battled with colleague Chris Cuomo on what public health rules should be forced by the government in response to the coronavirus.

During the handoff between their shows on Thursday, Cuomo mocked former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s recent plea to others to wear a mask, calling it reputation “rehab.” He then demanded that the government implement a universal mask mandate.

“It’s not ‘you should wear a mask’. It should be mandated to wear a mask,” Lemon said. “But it’s not,” Cuomo replied. “I know, it should be. And that’s the point,” Lemon continued, saying if Christie believed others should wear a mask, he should call for a mask mandate.

“I don’t believe in a mask mandate, in terms of a universal one for a hundred days or any amount of days, except when the context warrants that all places have to be treated equally,” Cuomo said, though he said he thought it was a negative sign when there is a 50{b5fb2313141f47507446bcc3cb28c41525583ee0373a84bee66a3fb66eb5e85b} compliance rate with mask requests. “You have to be careful with musts, Don.”

“I don’t believe that. I think — you must,” Lemon replied, also disagreeing with Cuomo about how a mandate would be enforced. “Do you enforce it when people speed down the highway? Do you enforce it when people jaywalk in some cities? People do it, just because you don’t do it that often, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to enforce it,” Lemon said.

Source : CNN host Don Lemon demands universal mask mandate