Hannity pans Biden administration over rule-by-executive-order, ‘propagandist’ promise of unity


Hannity” host Sean Hannity labeled White House Press Secretary Jennifer Psaki a “propagandist” on Friday in his opening monologue and pointed to the fact President Biden made adamant remarks last year that to rule by executive order would be governing like a “dictator.”

Hannity said that Psaki has likely not immersed herself in the communities of Middle America while the administration “with the stroke of a pen” cancelled the Keystone XL Pipeline, and with it the thousands of high-paying union jobs from Alberta, Canada to Texas.

“So much for the unity that Joe Biden promised. Instead of bringing Americans together, he does quite the opposite,” Hannity said. “In fact, he seems perfectly content to go it alone. As of now, Joe Biden has signed a record of 40 executive orders and counting.”

“He says ‘this isn’t a dictatorship — you’ve got to get the [congressional] votes, this is a democracy.’ He’s not trying to get to Congress to get his agenda passed, he’s ramming it down our throat with a stroke of a pen, altering people’s lives in ways that are so damaging.”

“According to the White House press secretary, propagandist Jen Psaki, Joe just loves bipartisanship,” the host continued. “These are words, this is not true.”

He pointed to a recent interview between Psaki and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow in which the presidential spokeswoman claimed Biden wakes up every morning wanting to find ways to reach across the political aisle.

“He starts every day thinking, ‘I want to be able to work with Democrats and Republicans, and there’s a reason they should work with me.’d Are Republicans now against reopening schools? Are they against getting unemployment insurance checks to the American people? Are they against getting vaccines in the arms of Americans?” she asked.

Hannity dubbed the comments “fascinating,” and opined that Psaki does not know how the working class lives:


“No, Jen, I don’t know if you’ve ever spoken to anyone outside of your little D.C. Bubble, so let me fill you in: Hardworking men and women are against prisoners at Gitmo — apparently next week — being pushed to the front of the vaccine line. That’s not America First,” he said. 

“They are against shipping doses of the vaccine overseas to other countries before every American in this country has a chance to get the vaccine first,” he continued, adding that this and other developments show that Biden has turned former President Donald Trump’s “America First” policies into “America Last.”

He said that American enemies like Iran are going to become wealthier with Biden’s actions in killing the pipeline, adding it will no longer allow America to be energy independent.

The host further added that Democrats writ large are wasting America’s time on the Trump impeachment trial, calling it a “Schiff Show” — in reference to Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., a prominent impeachment manager, and pointing out reports that the riot at the Capitol was planned days before the ex-president spoke on the White House Ellipse.

“Democrats are wasting the entire country’s time like they have for five years, they are wasting your money, and it’s all an effort to smear Donald Trump into his supporters,” Hannity said.

Source : Hannity pans Biden administration over rule-by-executive-order, ‘propagandist’ promise of unity