Lack of Media Access at Border ‘Very Frustrating’ — Not Transparency Biden Promised


MSNBC anchor Katy Tur said Monday on her show that the lack of press access inside U.S. border facilities holding migrants is not the transparency promised by President Joe Biden.

Tur asked, “Why is the media still not allowed into these facilities?”

NBC News correspondent Gabe Gutierrez said, “Well, Katy, that’s the question that keeps being asked of the Biden administration. Right now, what they continue to cite is COVID protocols, but as you know, Katy, even the Trump administration, did allow reporters inside some of these facilities. I remember going in many of them back in 2018 and 2019, especially over in  Clint, Texas near El Paso, where there was a lot of controversy of overcrowding in one of those border patrol stations.”

He added, “Certainly a lot of questions about why reporters haven’t gotten more access to those facilities and why the Biden administration didn’t have a better plan to house these huge numbers of unaccompanied children that they probably saw coming, but they just don’t have a plan for it.”

Tur said, “The Biden administration kept talking about transparency, and we’re not getting any transparency here with what is happening at the border. That we have to get those issues from a congressman who won’t say where he got those images is very frustrating for not just journalists, but for the American public who want to know what’s going on inside those facilities.”

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Source : Lack of Media Access at Border ‘Very Frustrating’ — Not Transparency Biden Promised