Michelob Ultra to can beer in same aluminum used in iPhones


Michelob beer will soon be canned in the same aluminum used in Apple iPhones and watches.

Beermaker Anheuser-Busch InBev NV, which owns the Michelob Ultra brand, said Friday that the beer’s cans will be partly made with an aluminum produced by Elysis, which uses a “carbon-free” smelting process to eliminate greenhouse gasses — and produce oxygen.

Elysis is a Canadian venture between Rio Tinto and Alcoa Corp that has received significant support from Apple, which invested about $13 million in the company. Using a process called the “electrolysis of alumina,” it said that the company “eliminates all direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the aluminum smelting process and is the first technology ever that emits oxygen as its by-product.”

Apple has been using Elysis aluminum in its devices since December 2019.

Anheuser-Busch first announced its intent to market the “green” beer cans in October. There is already a global aluminum shortage — with bars and restaurants closed, orders for beer in kegs have plummeted, forcing brewers to pivot to ramping up production of individually canned bottled beers, according to Newsweek.

“Responsibly produced aluminium can play a key role in helping our customers deliver the sustainable products expected by today’s consumers,” Rio Tinto Vice President Tolga Egrilmezer said in a statement, according to Bloomberg.

Sustainability has become a key factor for companies across a broad range of industries when marketing products to consumers.

“There is accumulating evidence that consumers are impacted by the perceived sustainability of [a] brand, and further, that consumers are willing to pay a premium for products from a sustainable brand over a non-sustainable competitor brand,” Hult International Business School professor Matt Johnson told Business Insider.

Michelob’s cans will be manufactured in Anheuser-Busch’s Metal Container Corporation facility in Jacksonville, Florida. Neither Anheuser-Busch nor Elysis has disclosed how much of the aluminum in each can will come from Elysis. Michelob already uses roughly 70{058e1dd2cdcfd3f4a7ab95ac49950e5e7e49bef7a2cb3eb49cb2eb4822ddc38c} recycled aluminum for its cans.

Source : Michelob Ultra to can beer in same aluminum used in iPhones