Trump to award Presidential Medal of Freedom to Bill Belichick


President Trump will award the Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, to famed football coach Bill Belichick on Thursday, the White House said Sunday night.

Trump has repeatedly praised the legendary head coach of the New England Patriots, calling him a “very good friend.”

“He’s a winner,” Trump hold Hugh Hewitt during a radio broadcast last August.

During his final days in office, the president has taken bold steps to reward those who have been loyal to him throughout his term in office. Republican Rep. Jim Jordan Jordan is expected to get the medal on Jan. 11. Trump also awarded the Medal of Freedom to Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz, and he has named Belichick, along with NFL running back Herschel Walker, to his sports council.

Trump had previously gone so far as to suggest that he would seek Belichick’s advice on military conflicts. While Belichick was honored by the suggestion, he replied that he would rather stick to his day job.

“I am flattered by that,” he told the Boston radio station WEEI. “But I’ll just stick to coaching football.”

Best known for his time coaching the New England Patriots since 2000, Belichick is the only head coach to have won six Super Bowl titles and has the third most wins for regular and postseason combined, behind Don Shula and George Halas.

Source : Trump to award Presidential Medal of Freedom to Bill Belichick